About Greens in PAIHIA Restaurant

Greens ensures healthy environment. Make a short trip.

Welcome To GREENS!! We have been one of PAIHIA's most popular restaurant since 2006 serving the finest Thai Cuisine under the name 'THAI GARDEN CAFÉ' now rebranded as 'GREENS'.

A multi cuisine restaurant originated in 2012, offers you rich varieties of Indian, Thai and Sea food dainties with a few surprising Kiwi Twists.

At GREENS, we have separate Menus and Kitchen for Thai and Indian Food. Our professional chefs from Thailand selected for their passion for Thai Cuisine, deliver an experience to be remembered. Also, an offer is the Indian Cuisine prepared by an experienced team of chefs from India. From Traditional dishes like Pad-Thai to Chicken Tikka Masala, you will enjoy the fusion of spice and flavour.

Take a seat in the restaurant and enjoy great service from our waiting staff.

Our Services

For an inviting & splendid atmosphere, dine in. Other than serving ravishing food, the services we thrive in are-

100% healthy food

Our team at Greens is a strong believer of getting the freshest ingredients available in the market to serve homely delicious food, straight from the stove to on the palate!

Neat & clean service

An unforgettable experience is not just in the taste but also in the presentation of food, ambiance, infrastructure & personnel.

healthy environment

We first consume with our eyes, then utilize our other senses. For harmony of all senses, we prioritize hygiene.